Exact Keyword Search

To find documents that contain exact matches of a keyword, enable the AdvancedSearch setting before you index content into HPE IDOL Server.

If you set AdvancedSearch to True in the [Server] section of the HPE IDOL Server configuration file before you index content, you can query for exact matches of keywords by putting the keyword in quotation marks when you perform the query (this setting also switches HPE IDOL Server to an advanced weighting algorithm which improves conceptual querying).

For example, if you query HPE IDOL Server with "lovely", it does not stem the word, and finds only documents that contain lovely.

If you do not put the word in quotation marks, HPE IDOL Server matches it conceptually; that is, the query lovely matches documents that contain, lovely, love, loved, loving, and so on.

You can also suffix a keyword with a tilde (~) to indicate that the term is already stemmed. In this case, HPE IDOL Server does not stem the query term. However, unlike an exact keyword search using quotation marks, this query might return documents that contain other terms that stem to your query term. For example, searching for Love~ returns documents that contain the term love, but also other terms that stem to love, for example, lovely, love, loved, and loving.


Using the tilde suffix to search for a term that is not its own stem does not return documents that contain the original term. For example, searching for loving~ matches terms that stem to loving. The term loving stems to love, so this search does not return documents that contain the term loving.

You can use the TermGetInfo action to find the stem of a term.