Query with the State Token

When you query HPE IDOL Server, you can use the StateID, StateMatchID, and StateDontMatchID parameters to pass a state token. These parameters are similar to the ID, MatchID, and DontMatchID parameters that specify individual document IDs.

Action State parameters supported
GetQueryTagValues StateMatchID, StateDontMatchID
GetContent StateID
List StateMatchID, StateDontMatchID
Query StateMatchID, StateDontMatchID
Suggest StateID, StateMatchID, StateDontMatchID
SuggestOnText StateMatchID, StateDontMatchID
Summarize StateID
TermGetBest StateID

If you use StateMatchID and StateDontMatchID in the same action, HPE IDOL removes any documents in the StateDontMatchID list from the StateMatchID list.



A stored-state-aware DAH forwards any query that includes a state token to the HPE IDOL Server that originally created the token.