Restore from a Backup File

To restore a data index to an HPE IDOL Server, you can send a DREINITIAL action (case sensitive) from your Web browser, including the path to a backup file that you created by using the DREBACKUP index action:



IDOLhost is the IP address or host name of the machine on which HPE IDOL Server is installed.
indexPort is the HPE IDOL Server index port (specified by the IndexPort parameter in the [Server] section of the HPE IDOL Server configuration file).
path is the path to the location of the HPE IDOL Server backup, created by using the DREBACKUP index action. In Windows, you can use a Unicode path.

For example:\DataIndex_Backup

This action uses port 20001 to restore the files backed up on E:\DataIndex_Backup to an HPE IDOL Server located on a machine with the IP address

If you create a backup by using the HostDetails parameter, you can restore these backups by using the HostDetails parameter with your DREINITIAL:


When you restore from a backup by using DREINITIAL, HPE IDOL Server does not reindex the data.

When you want to update a configuration parameter that requires you to reindex your data, you can use DREEXPORTIDX or DREEXPORTXML to export an IDX or XML file. You can then initialize your index, make your configuration changes, and index the IDX or XML file back into HPE IDOL Server.