Back up the Entire HPE IDOL Server Data Index

You can back up the entire HPE IDOL Server data index in several ways:

Back up the Data Index Immediately

Issue a DREBACKUP action (case sensitive) from your Web browser to copy all the HPE IDOL Server data index *.DB files to a new location:




is the IP address or host name of the HPE IDOL Server machine.


is the HPE IDOL Server index port (specified by the IndexPort parameter in the [Server] section of the HPE IDOL Server configuration file).


is the path to the location where you want to create the HPE IDOL Server backup. In Windows, you can use a Unicode path.

For example:


This action uses port 20001 to create a backup of the HPE IDOL Server data index on E:\Backup. The HPE IDOL Server whose data index is backed up is located on a machine with the host name MyHost.

You can set the optional parameter CheckIndexUpdates to True if you want to check for updates to the index since the last backup. In this case, HPE IDOL Server skips the backup if the index has not been modified.

DREBACKUP also accepts the optional parameter HostDetails. Set HostDetails to True to write the backup to a subdirectory in the specified directory path. HPE IDOL Server names this directory using its host and port. In this way, a series of servers under a Distributed Index Handler (DIH) can all accept the same directory as input, and they write to a subdirectory named with their own host and port.

Back up the Data Index at Regular Intervals

Use the following procedure to back up the data index at regular intervals.

Back up the Data Index Automatically

Use the following procedure to back up the data index automatically whenever you send a DRECOMPACT action.

Back up the Data Index Dynamically

If your HPE IDOL storage is a SAN with disk-snapshot capabilities, you can perform a hot backup (snapshot) of the data index.