Send Actions to IDOL Server

You query HPE IDOL Server by sending actions from your Web browser. The general syntax of these actions is:



IDOLhost is the IP address or name of the machine on which HPE IDOL Server is installed.
port is the ACI port by which you send actions to HPE IDOL Server (set by the Port parameter in the [Server] section of the HPE IDOL Server configuration file).
action is the name of the action you want HPE IDOL Server to perform (for example, Query).
requiredParams are the parameters that you must supply for the action you request. (Not all actions have required parameters.)
optionalParams are parameters that you can supply for the action you request. (Not all actions have optional parameters.)

Separate parameters with an ampersand (&).


As an alternative to sending ACI actions directly, you can run any IDOL action from the IDOL Admin interface. For more information, refer to the IDOL Admin User Guide.