Set StandaloneProxy to True to run HPE IDOL Proxy in stand-alone mode.


This parameter is used only in a stand-alone IDOL Proxy configuration file.

In stand-alone mode, IDOL Proxy acts as an ACI and index action proxy, but does not manage any other server processes. IDOL Proxy reads the component ACI port from its configuration file and configures any other ports (for example, the index port) dynamically when the components start. It cannot start components in the way it does in the unified IDOL Server.

When you set StandaloneProxy to True in the IDOL Proxy configuration file, you must also configure details for all components that IDOL Proxy must send actions to. Configure these details in the following configuration sections.

Each of these sections must contain Host and ACIPort configuration parameters, with the appropriate host and ACI port values for the components that IDOL Proxy must route actions to. You can also configure a Timeout for each component.


You do not need to configure all sections.

Type: Boolean
Default: False
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: StandaloneProxy=True
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