List of message types to log. Type one or more of the following message types to specify the type of messages written to the associated log file. If you want to type multiple message types, separate them with commas (there must be no space before or after a comma):

Option Description
All Components
Action Logs actions and related messages.
Application Logs application-related occurrences.
Document Tracking
DocTrack Logs document tracking events. This message type is not supported by connectors.
Events Logs rule activations in Query Manipulation Server (QMS). This message type is supported only by QMS.
IDOL Server
Agent Logs agent actions and related messages.
Category Logs category actions and related messages.
Cluster Logs cluster actions and related messages.
Community Logs community actions and related messages.
Index Logs index actions and related messages.
Mailer Logs mailer actions and related messages.
Query Logs query actions and related messages.
QueryTerms Logs each query term, after stemming, conversion to UTF-8, capitalization, and punctuation removal. This is mainly used by the HPE DiSH server for statistical reports.
Schedule Logs schedule actions and related messages.
Taxonomy Logs taxonomy actions and related messages.
User Logs user actions and related messages.
Index Logs index actions and related messages.
Query Logs query actions and related messages.
Security Logs security action results.
Datastore Logs information about OmniGroupServer datastore files.
Job Logs information about OmniGroupServer jobs.
Index Logs information about indexing security information into IDOL.
Import Logs import actions and related messages.
Indexer Logs the status of indexing into IDOL.
Collect Logs document collection for use in Legal Hold applications.
Delete Logs the deletion of documents from the repository.
Hold Logs details of documents that are put on hold in Legal Hold applications.
Identifiers Logs details of requests for document lists from repositories.
Insert Logs the insertion of documents into the repository.
Synchronize Logs data synchronization when ingesting into IDOL.
SynchronizeGroups Logs information related to the SynchronizeGroups action.
Update Logs details of documents whose metadata is updated in the repository.
View Logs details of documents that are viewed from the repository.
SSDP Logs information related to SSDP settings.
StatsMonitor Logs information relating to the collection and monitoring of statistics for the services and host machine by the Controller.
LuaMonitor Logs information about scheduled Lua tasks.
Schedule Logs information about scheduled ACI tasks.
SSDP Logs information related to SSDP settings.
StatsCollector Logs information about the collection of statistics from the Controllers.
Type: String
Default: None
Required: Yes
Configuration Section: LogStream
Example: LogTypeCSVs=Application,Index
See Also: LogFile