Deprecated: The ServiceName configuration parameter is deprecated for IDOL Proxy Component version 10.8.0 and later. Instead of using ACI encryption, HP Autonomy recommends configuring Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections between ACI servers and applications. For more information, see Secure Socket Layer Parameters.

The ServiceName configuration parameter is still available for existing implementations, but it might be incompatible with new functionality. The parameter might be deleted in future.

The name of Kerberos principal. If this IDOL Proxy Component is a child server of a DAH that uses the Kerberos protocol to communicate with it, this parameter gives the Kerberos principal name assigned to this IDOL Proxy Component.

The Kerberos principal name consists of:

Note: To use Kerberos, you must also set CommsEncryptionType to GSS.

Type: String
Required: No
Configuration Section: ACIEncryption
Example: ServiceName=DAH/
See Also: CommsEncryptionType