Matches only items with scores equal to or exceeding the threshold. The entity minimum score number N must match the corresponding EntityN number. The lowest possible score is 0. The upper limit varies depending on the entity.

The score for an entity is defined by the author of the grammar and defaults to 1. See the Eduction Grammar Syntax for a description of the score attribute.

The minimum score defaults to 0, which returns all matches.

As the minimum score is increased above 0, up to a maximum of 1, the user of the grammar is indicating that matches must meet a higher confidence level for the match to be returned. If scoring is not used by the author of an entity, the minimum score parameter specified by the user has no effect, because by default the entity has a score of 1 and therefore will always be returned.

The entity number (N) in EntityMinScoreN must match the corresponding entity number in the EntityN entry. For example:

Type: Long
Default: 0
Required: No
Configuration Section: Any section that you have defined for Eduction settings.
Example: Entity0=edk_common_entities/ss_number
See Also: EntityN