To match only terms in the text that begin and end on a whole word boundary, set this parameter to true.

To match terms that start and end anywhere, including in the middle of a word in the text, set this parameter to false.

For example, if MatchWholeWord=true, a search for the term 80 does not find a match in the text string 80mph. If MatchWholeWord=false, a search for the term par finds a match in the text string separated.

Note: If you specify the MatchWholeWord action, this overrides any settings you make using the MatchWholeWord configuration parameter.

For more information on modifying the matching behavior by using MatchWholeWord, refer to IDOL Expert.

Action: EduceFromFile, EduceFromText, RedactFromFile, RedactFromText
Type: Boolean
Default: False
Example: MatchWholeWord=false
See Also: TangibleCharacters