The case conversion to use for all incoming text. To improve performance, use this parameter to convert all text to lowercase or uppercase before attempting to match text.

This parameter takes one of the following values:

If your grammar file consists of only lowercase or only uppercase characters but your text is mixed case, you can improve performance by setting CaseNormalization to Lower or Upper respectively. This provides a greater performance improvement than setting MatchCase to false.

If you set this parameter to Lower or Upper, set MatchCase to true.

Note: When using the Eduction Linguistic Sentiment Analysis grammar, HP recommends that you set this parameter to Lower and the MatchCase parameter to true to ensure optimal performance.

Note: If you specify the CaseNormalization action, this overrides any settings you make using the CaseNormalization configuration parameter.

Action: EduceFromFile, EduceFromText, RedactFromFile, RedactFromText
Type: String
Default: None
Example: CaseNormalization=lower
See Also: MatchCase