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Sentiment Grammars
The sentiment grammar files also have ‘lite’ counterparts. These process 40% to 80% more data each minute compared to the full versions. The ‘lite’ versions are identical to the full versions in most respects, but they do not support components or user modification. HP Autonomy recommends that you use the ‘lite’ versions except in cases where you want to enable components or modify the built-in dictionaries.
The ‘lite’ versions are distinguished from the full versions by the addition of lite to the file name, preceded by an underscore. For example, the file name of the Chinese sentiment grammar file is sentiment_chi.ecr, and the file name of the ‘lite’ version is sentiment_chi_lite.ecr.
All sentiment analysis grammar files now support components. You can extract the SENTIMENT and TOPIC components in most matches.
Polarity Scoring
The English and Spanish sentiment grammars (sentiment_eng.ecr and sentiment_spa.ecr) support polarity scoring. This is a number, usually between 0.50 and 1.50, that represents the strength of the sentiment in the matched phrase.
For example:
You can edit the user modification files, sentiment_user_eng.xml and sentiment_user_spa.xml, to modify the scores of words in the dictionaries. For example, add the following on a new line in the user modification file to modify the existing entry flexible so that it has a score of 1.23:
" <entry score="1.23" headword="flexible"/>"