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HP Autonomy Customer Support
HP Autonomy Customer Support provides prompt and accurate support to help you quickly and effectively resolve any issue you may encounter while using HP Autonomy products. Support services include access to the Customer Support Site (CSS) for online answers, expertise-based service by HP Autonomy support engineers, and software maintenance to ensure you have the most up-to-date technology.
To access the Customer Support Site, go to
The Customer Support Site includes:
Knowledge Base: The CSS contains an extensive library of end user documentation, FAQs, and technical articles that is easy to navigate and search.
Case Center: The Case Center is a central location to create, monitor, and manage all your cases that are open with technical support.
Download Center: Products and product updates can be downloaded and requested from the Download Center.
Resource Center: Other helpful resources appropriate for your product.
To contact HP Autonomy Customer Support by e-mail or phone, go to