edktool Command-Line Tool > Eduction Parameters > EntityN

An entity to use for extraction. Entities are contained in the resource file identified in the ResourceFiles parameter. Replace N with the zero-based rank of the entity.
You must associate each entity with a field by using the EntityFieldN parameter.
You cannot use the entity name entities/ZoneStartN or entities/ ZoneEndN (where N is a numeric value). These entity names are reserved for use by Eduction.
If you do not define an EntityN parameter, Eduction looks for all entities in all loaded grammar files. In this case, the EntityFieldN settings are automatically generated from the entities found in grammar files by converting the entity names to uppercase and replacing slashes with an underscore. For example, if the entity edk_common_entities/place is found, Eduction generates the entity field: EDK_COMMON_ENTITIES_PLACE.