edktool Command-Line Tool > Eduction Parameters > EntityAdvancedFieldN

A comma-separated list of advanced fields to return.
To use this option you must:
set OutputSimpleMatch to false for edktool.
set EnableComponents to true for edktool.
You configure EntityAdvancedFieldN in the same was as EntityFieldN. Specify a comma-separated list of advanced fields that you want to return. The value of the advanced field is the output of simple operations (min, max, sum, and ave) on the values of entity components.
For example, for the following configuration:
EntityAdvancedField0=OfferPrice:max(price1 price2),BidPrice:min(price1 price2)
And the following data:
share price1 price2
Com1  165    167
Com2  1890   1880
An entity with the following pattern:
<grammar name="testgrammar">
<entity name="testentity" type="public">
Returns the following results as fields:
#DREFIELD FIELD0="165 167"
#DREFIELD OfferPrice="167"
#DREFIELD BidPrice="165"
#DREFIELD FIELD0="1890 1880"
#DREFIELD OfferPrice="1890"
#DREFIELD BidPrice="1880"
EntityAdvancedField0=OfferPrice:max(price1 price2),BidPrice:min(price1 price2)