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Extract Entities
edktool e –l licensekey.dat -i myPlainTextFile.txt -g myGrammar.ecr
Extracts all entities in myGrammar.ecr from myPlainTextFile.txt, sending the output to the console in XML format, with the field names for the matching text automatically generated from the entity names found in myGrammar.ecr.
edktool e -i myIDOLfile.idx -c myIDOLConfigFile.cfg –o myoutputfile.idx
Using the configuration file myIDOLConfigFile.cfg, extract entities from the file myIDOLfile.idx and direct the output with additional Eduction fields to the file myoutputfile.idx.
edktool e -i myIDOLfile.idx -c myIDOLConfigFile.cfg –o myoutputfile.xml -m
The same as the previous example, except output the match results to an edktool XML file.