edktool Command-Line Tool > edktool Options > Assess

This option enables you to assess the performance of an Eduction grammar against a set of pre-tagged examples.
You must supply a text file with one phrase on each line; the Assess feature checks whether each line contains a match.
You must specify at least one input file, using the -v parameter or the -w parameter. If required, you can specify both of these parameters.
The file containing a valid license key for Eduction. By default, edktool looks for the licensekey.dat file in the working directory.
If a grammar file is provided but no entities are specified with -e, all entities in the grammar file are extracted.
(Optional) Modifies the behavior so that the Assess feature checks for exact matches.
-m <matched entities>
(Optional) This parameter does not change the extraction behavior, but enables you to check which entities are producing the matches.
-w <invalid_input>
(Optional) The output includes explanations of each failure, and statistics such as recall, precision, and F1 (depending on the type of input file you provided).Include the -a parameter to display additional output, including the results for every phrase in your input files.
(Optional) By default, Eduction sends output to the console. To send the output to a file, use the -o parameter.
The output is a list of all phrases that failed. For valid input this would be a phrase that contained no match; for invalid input this would be a phrase that contained a match.