Index commands

You can send index commands to the DIH to distribute content between the IDOL servers to which the DIH connects, and to administer the IDOL servers' Data index.

Note that index commands are case sensitive and can only be issued by IndexClients. All index commands must be sent to the DIH's DIHPort.

The following index commands are available:

DREADD Indexes content into the child IDOL servers.
DREADDDATA Indexes content over socket into the child IDOL servers.
DREBACKUP Backs up the child IDOL servers data index.
DRECHANGEMETA Changes documents' meta fields.
DRECOMPACT Compacts the Data index of the child IDOL servers.
DRECREATEDBASE Creates a new database in the child IDOL servers.
DREDELDBASE Deletes all documents from a database in all child IDOL servers.
DREDELETEDOC Deletes documents by ID.
DREDELETEREF Deletes documents by reference.
DREDUPLICATE Removes or tags duplicates within child IDOL servers.
DREEXPIRE Expires documents from the child IDOL servers.
DREEXPORTIDX Exports IDX files from an IDOL server.
DREEXPORTREMOTE Exports IDX or XML files from a source IDOL server and adds them to a target IDOL server.
DREEXPORTXML Exports XML files from an IDOL server.
DREFLUSHANDPAUSE Prepares IDOL server for a snapshot (hot backup).
DREINITIAL Resets the child IDOL servers' Data index.
DREREGENERATE Fixes parent-child relationships for data that was indexed out of order.
DREREMOVEDBASE Deletes a database from the child IDOL servers.
DRERENAMEDBASE Renames an IDOL server database.
DREREPLACE Changes documents' field values.
DRERESET Executes changes made to the IDOL servers configuration files.
DRERESIZEINDEXCACHE Dynamically resizes the index cache.
DRESYNC Flushes to disk the index cache.
DRETAGDOCCLUSTERS Tags documents that are conceptually similar.
DREUNDELETEDOC Restores deleted documents.