Allows you to specify the fields you want to store as Index fields in IDOL server. You should only store fields that contain text which you want to query frequently with conceptual queries as Index fields.

Index fields are processed linguistically when they are stored in IDOL server. This means that stemming and stoplists are applied to text in Index field before they are stored, which allows IDOL server to process queries for these fields more quickly (typically DRETITLE and DRECONTENT are fields that should be set up as Index fields).

You should not store URLs or content that you are unlikely to use in Index fields. You should also not store fields as Index fields that will be queried frequently but whose value is only ever going to be queried in its entirety. Indexing all fields in documents could potentially slow down the indexing process, increase disk usage and requirements.

If you want to specify multiple fields you must separate them with commas (there must be no space before or after a comma). You can use wildcards.

When identifying fields you should use the format /FieldName to match root-level fields, */FieldName to match all fields except root-level or /Path/FieldName to match fields that the specified path points to. If you just specify the field name, IDOL server automatically adds a */ to it.



In this example, DRECONTENT and DRETITLE fields are stored as Index fields in IDOL server