Allows you to resize the IDOL server indexing cache without restarting the server.

The default size of the index cache at IDOL server startup is determined by the value of the IndexCacheMaxSize configuration parameter in the [IndexCache] section of the IDOL server configuration file. Using the DRERESIZEINDEXCACHE command allows you to change the cache size dynamically -- for example, to decrease it after performing a large bulk indexing job.

Note: Because the cache must be flushed before it is resized, invoking this command more often than necessary can degrade indexing performance.


This command uses port 16001 to set the index cache size to approximately 20 MB.

Parameter Description Required
IndexCacheMaxSize The new cache size. yes
MaxSyncDelay Maximum seconds to delay before writing indexed data to disk.  
Priority Sets the priority of an indexing job.
Using this command does not change the value of the IndexCacheMaxSize configuration parameter.