Allows you to delete all data from the child IDOL serverís data index, and to reset the data index. Your configuration file is not reset, so none of your changes are lost.

You can also use the DREINITIAL command to restore backed up files to an IDOL server. For example:



IDOLhost is the IP address or hostname of the machine on which IDOL server is installed.

indexPort is the IDOL serverís index port (specified by the IndexPort parameter in the IDOL server configuration fileís [Server] section).

path is the path to the location of the IDOL server's backup.

For example:\DataIndex_Backup

This command uses port 20001 to restore the files backed up on E:\DataIndex_Backup to an IDOL server located on a machine with the IP address


This command uses port 16001 to reset the data index of the child IDOL server which is located on a machine with the IP address

Parameter Description Required
HostDetails Specifies that the restoration should use a backup directory based on a specific host/port combination.
InitialID The ID of the DREINITIAL command that should be processed when multiple commands are sent.
Path The full path to the data backup.
Priority Sets the priority of an indexing job.