Prepares IDOL server for a snapshot (hot backup). IDOL server flushes all files to disk and pauses indexing, so a snapshot of the data can be taken. This command is most applicable if your IDOL storage is a SAN with disk-snapshot capabilities.

Note the index ID returned from this command (for example, INDEXID=41) because you will need this ID to restart the paused indexing queue.

After issuing the command, poll IDOL server with the IndexerGetStatus command until the returned status is -16 (Indexing Paused). You can then perform the snapshot.

After the hot backup completes, restart the indexing queue, again with the IndexerGetStatus command and with the index ID returned from DREFLUSHANDPAUSE. For example:




This command uses port 16001 to instruct the IDOL server on host Hume to flush all files to disk and pause indexing.

Parameter Description Required
Priority Sets the priority of an indexing job.