Administering the Data index

You can use the following index commands to administer the Data index of the DIH's child IDOL servers:

DREBACKUP Backs up IDOL server's data index.
DRECOMPACT Compacts IDOL server's data index.
DREDUPLICATE Removes or tags duplicates in IDOL server's data index.
DREFLUSHANDPAUSE Prepares IDOL server for a snapshot (hot backup).
DREINITIAL Resets IDOL server's data index.
DREREGENERATE Fixes parent-child relationships for data that was indexed out of order.
DRERESIZEINDEXCACHE Dynamically resizes the index cache.
DRESYNC Flushes to disk the index cache.

Note that index commands are case sensitive and can only be issued by IndexClients. All index commands must be sent to the DIH's DIHPort.