Displays a log of requests, including the date and time that a request was made, the client IP address that made the request and the internal thread that handled the action command. Note that only the the first 1000 characters of each request are displayed.

Note: this is an administrative action command that can only be sent from DIH's AdminClients (which are set in the DIH configuration file's [Server] section).


This command uses port 16000 to request action license information from DIH, which is located on a machine with the IP address

Parameter Description Required
EncryptResponse Encrypts DIH server output.
Format The format to return the log in.
FileName The file that DIH output is written to.
ForceTemplateRefresh Forces the template to be loaded from disk.
OpenLinks Determines whether links are opened in a new window.
Output Writes DIH output to a file.
Refresh The interval in which the log is to be refreshed.
Tail The number of requests to display.
Template The template to use for the action's output.