Send Minimal Documents

In non-mirror mode, you can configure DIH to send each child server only the information it needs. In DistributeSendMinimal mode, the DIH determines which child server must index each document, and sends the complete document only to that child server.

DIH sends a minimal representation of the document to all other child servers. The content of this representation is defined by the KillDuplicates mode of the original index action.

This mode allows all child servers to perform correct deduplication, and reduces network traffic to child servers.

To enable minimal sending mode, set the DistributeSendMinimal configuration parameter to True in the [Server] section. For example:


When you want to deduplicate on a field other than DREREFERENCE, you must configure a field process in the DIH configuration file, with the fields that you want to use to deduplicate. DIH then includes these fields in the representation that it sends to its child servers. By default, it sends only the DREREFERENCE.

For more information about setting up a field process, refer to the IDOL Server Administration Guide.