Add, Update, and Remove Child Servers Dynamically

You can add, edit, and remove child servers by using the EngineManagement action. This action updates the DIH configuration file, so that the changes are persistent.

For more details about the EngineManagement action, refer to the DIH Reference.

Add a Child Server Dynamically

You can add a new child server to the DIH by using the EngineManagement action.


You can add a child server only in certain distribution modes.

To add a child server

Remove a Child Server Dynamically

In consistent hashing mode, you can remove a child server or group. For more information about this mode, see Use Consistent Hashing.

To remove a child server in this mode, you must first set Weight to 0 (zero), and then use the DREREDISTRIBUTE index action to redistribute the virtual nodes. For more information, see Remove a Child Server.

Update a Child Server Dynamically

You can use the EngineManagement action to dynamically change the settings for a child server.

To update a child server