Designate a Child Server as an Archive Server

In non-mirror mode, you can designate a child server as an archive server. An archive server receives document updates but does not receive new documents.

Set the UpdateOnly parameter to True in the [DistributionIDOLServers] section of the DIH configuration file to convert a child server into an archive server.


You cannot use the UpdateOnly option with the DistributeByFields, DistributeByReference, or RoundRobinMode distribution modes. For more information about the compatible options for distribution modes, refer to IDOL Expert.


If all children are marked as UpdateOnly, the DIH cannot process any DREADD or DREADDDATA index actions, because there are no servers it can send new documents to. In this case, the DIH pauses index queue processing until you reconfigure one or more child servers to set UpdateOnly to False.

You can also change this setting dynamically (without restarting the DIH) by using the EngineManagement action. For example: