Allows you to index IDX or XML files located on a machine that can access directly into the . Parameters you use with DREADD override any equivalent settings in the configuration file.

The IDX or XML file that you want to index must be either on the same machine as , or on a network share that has permission to access.

If you have set DelayedSync to true or you have set a high MaxSyncDelay in the configuration file, some time might elapse before a file is available for searching.


This index action uses port 20001 to index a file called today.idx into 's News database.


Parameter Description Required
IndexFile The IDX or XML file to index. see Comments
ACLFields Fields that contain ACLs (Access Control Lists)  
CantHaveFields Fields to discard.  
CreateDatabase Whether to create unknown databases in the index action.  
DatabaseFields Fields that identify the database to store a document in. see Comments
DateFields Fields from which to read the document date.  
Delete Deletes the IDX or XML file after indexing.  
DocumentDelimiters Fields that indicate the beginning and end of a document.  
DocumentFormat The format of the file to index.  
DREDbName The database in which to store a document. see Comments
ExpiryDateFields Fields that contain the document expiry date.  
FileName The filename of the file to index. see Comments
FlattenIndexFields Fields in an XML document to index as one level.  
IDXFieldPrefix An alternative name for the DOCUMENT sub-tree.  
IndexFields Fields to store as index fields.  
IgnoreMaxPendingItems Whether to ignore the IndexQueueMaxPendingItems limit for this index action.  
IndexUID An identification code for any document tracking events.  
KeepExisting Modifies the KillDuplicates operation.  
KillDuplicates Determines how handles duplicate content.  
KillDuplicatesDB The database to move duplicate documents to.  
KillDuplicatesDBField The name of a field in duplicate documents containing the name of the database to move duplicate documents to.  
KillDuplicatesMatchDBs The databases to search for duplicate matches.  
KillDuplicatesMatchTargetDB The databases to search for duplicate documents.  
KillDuplicatesPreserveFields Whether to copy existing IDX fields to a newer copy of the same document.  
LanguageFields Fields that contain the document language type.  
LanguageType The language type of the file to index.  
MustHaveFields IDX file fields to store in .  
Priority The priority for the index job.  
SectionFields Fields that indicate the start of a new document section.  
SecurityFields Fields that contain a document’s security type.  
SecurityType The security type of the document to index.  
StartTask The indexing task that must start with, if IndexTasks are configured.  
TitleFields Fields that contain a document’s title.  


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