Allows you to export IDX or XML documents from one or more IDOL databases on a source DIH (local or remote machine) and add them to a database on a target DIH (local or remote machine).

Note: Multi-section documents are not split across chunks, so the BatchSize specified in the index action parameter is not used exactly if it requires a split a document section.



This action uses the local DIH indexing port (20001) to export all documents from the local DIH and add them to databases of the same name on the remote DIH on host twist (using the target host ACI port). It deletes the local documents after the export is complete. Each DREADD on the remote server completes before the next one is called. The maximum batch size is 10000 document sections.


This index action uses the indexing port (20201) of the remote DIH on host turn to export all documents from the remote database Flowers to the remote DIH on host waterton (using the target host's ACI port), adding the documents to the database Botany.


Parameter Description Required
BatchSize The number of document sections to export into one IDX file.  
Blocking Whether each indexing action on the target DIH must finish before the next one starts.  
Compress Whether to compress exported files.  
CreateDatabase Whether to create unknown databases.  
DatabaseMatch The databases to export documents from.  
Delete Whether to delete the exported documents.  
DREDbName The database for documents to add to the target DIH.  
ExportTempDir The directory where DREEXPORTREMOTE creates temporary files.  
Field The reference field that the specified references must occur in.  
IgnoreMaxPendingItems Whether to ignore the IndexQueueMaxPendingItems limit for this index action.  
IndexUID An identification code for any document tracking events.  
KeepExisting Modifies the KillDuplicates operation.  
KillDuplicates How to handle duplicates when adding documents to the target DIH.  
MatchID The IDs of documents to export.  
MatchReference The references of documents to export.  
MaxDate The latest creation date of documents to export.  
MinDate The earliest creation date of documents to export.  
Priority Set the priority for the index job.  
SSLConfig The configuration file section that contains SSL options for communications with the remote server.  
StateMatchID Export only documents listed in the specified state token.  
TargetEngineHost The host name or IP address of the DIH to export the documents to. You can also use the parameter name RemoteEngineHost.  
TargetEnginePort The ACI port number of the DIH to export the documents to. You can also use the parameter name RemoteEnginePort.  
UseDREADD Use DREADD for the DREEXPORTREMOTE action, rather than the default DREADDDATA.  


The TargetEngineHost and TargetEnginePort parameters are required for IDOL versions earlier than 7.x.

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