Whether the DREADDDATA index action on the target Distributed Index Handler must be complete before the next index action starts.

Set Blocking to true to ensure each DREADDDATA action is complete.

Set Blocking to false if you do not want DREEXPORTREMOTE to wait for each index action to complete before it runs the next. In this case, the DREEXPORTREMOTE action finishes sending the data to the target server and then reports the IndexerGetStatus code -38 until the target server completes indexing. DIH continues processing index actions while the status is -38.

Note: When you set Blocking to false, the percentage_processed that the IndexerGetStatus action returns is a measure of how many files have been sent to the target server. 100% means that the target server has received all the files.

Type: Boolean
Default: True
Example: Blocking=false
See Also: IndexerGetStatus action

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