The indexes that you want to regenerate. To regenerate multiple indexes, separate the options with commas (there must be no space before or after a comma).

For most of these options, the index action regenerates data for the specified index, in the same way as the Regenerate*Index configuration parameters.

Value Description
BitField Regenerate the BitFieldType index.
Count Regenerate the CountType index.
Match Regenerate the MatchType index.
Numeric Regenerate the NumericType index.
NumericDate Regenerate the NumericDateType index.
Parametric Regenerate the ParametricType index.
ReferenceMemoryMapped Regenerate the ReferenceMemoryMappedType index to restore parent-child relationships for documents that were indexed out of order.
RefIndex Regenerate the ReferenceType index.
SecIndex Regenerate the SecurityType index.
Sort Regenerate the SortType index.
Type: String
Example: DREREGENERATE?Type=Numeric,NumericDate
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