Whether the restoration must use a directory based on a specific host and port combination.

When you use DREBACKUP you can set HostDetails to true to write the backup to a sub-directory named with the host and ACI port of the server. You can then restore these backups using a DREINITIAL action with HostDetails set to true. This allows you to restore a series of child servers under a Distributed Index Handler (DIH) from their own backup.

For example:

If the backup is sent to a DIH on the localhost using the following index action:


Then each of the DIH child servers write backups to the following directories:


Where serverhostN is the host name for child server N, and where serverACIPORTN is its ACI port. To restore the child servers using this backup, you then use the following index action:


Each child server then restores from its own backup.

Type: Boolean
Default: False
Example: HostDetails=true
See Also: DREBACKUP/HostDetails

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