Whether the backup must use a directory based on a specific host and port combination.

Set HostDetails to true to write the backup to a sub-directory in the specified directory path, which is named using the DIH host and port. In this way, a series of child servers under a Distributed Index Handler (DIH) can all accept the same directory as input, without overwriting the backup of another server.

For example:

If sending a DREBACKUP index action to a DIH on the localhost using index port 12611, you use the following index action:


This DIH then distributes the following index action to each of its N child servers:


Where serverhostN is the host name for child server N, and serverIndexportN is its Index port. The child servers then write the backup to the following directory:


Where, again, serverhostN is the host name for child server N, and where serverACIPORTN is its ACI port. In this way, even if X:\backup is a location shared between all the child servers, they each write a separate location, as they each have a different host and port combination.

Type: Boolean
Default: False
Example: HostDetails=true

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