Allows you to force an immediate flush to disk from the index cache. Sending this index action to the index port instructs the server to flush to disk and any documents currently held in the index cache are committed to disk.

This index action is required only when DelayedSync is set to TRUE in your configuration file, and you believe documents have been processed but are not yet available for search. If documents remain in the index cache, the GetStatus action output shows a higher number of document sections than the number of committed slots.

Note: These documents are flushed anyway when the configured MaxSyncDelay period expires.



This index action uses port 20001 to instruct the DIH on host Hume to flush all files to disk.


Parameter Description Required
IgnoreMaxPendingItems Whether to ignore the IndexQueueMaxPendingItems limit for this index action.  
IndexUID An identification code for any document tracking events.  
Priority The priority for the index job.  

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