Allows you to redistribute the index when you update the number or weight of child servers.

This index action has an effect only when you have set UseConsistentHashing to true in the configuration file. If UseConsistentHashing is set to false, forwards the index action to all its child servers.

Note: This index action is only available for the DIH, and has no effect if you send it directly to IDOL Server.

In consistent hashing mode, all content is distributed in virtual nodes, which the DIH assigns to one or more child servers. When you run the DREREDISTRIBUTE index action, checks whether the child server architecture has changed. If there is a change, DIH automatically exports and indexes the content in virtual nodes to redistribute your data evenly between the available child servers.

DIH can process only one DREREDISTRIBUTE index action at the same time. If it starts to process a second DREREDISTRIBUTE index action in the queue before all child servers have finished redistributing the content, the second DREREDISTRIBUTE returns the Unavailable error code and does not run.

For more details about consistent hashing mode, refer to the DIH Administration Guide.



Parameter Description Required
IndexUID An identification code for any document tracking events. see Comments


For this index action, uses the IndexUID parameter to identify the export index actions that it sends to its child servers, and the index actions the generate to index the redistributed data. If you do not specify an IndexUID, generates one automatically to track the redistribution.

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