Allows you to back up the IDOL Server data index. This index action copies all the IDOL Server data index *.DB files to a specified location. It also backs up state tokens.

To restore backed up files, use the DREINITIAL index action.


This index action uses port 20001 to copy the IDOL Server data index to C:\Backup.


Parameter Description Required
CheckIndexUpdates Whether to check for updates to the index, and skip a backup.  
HostDetails Whether to name the backup directory based on a specific host and port combination.  
IgnoreMaxPendingItems Whether to ignore the IndexQueueMaxPendingItems limit for this index action.  
IndexUID An identification code for any document tracking events.  
NoArchive Turn off configured archiving for the index action.  
Overwrite Whether to allow the new backup to overwrite an existing backup.  
Path The full path to the location where the backup is created. Yes
Priority The priority for the index job.  

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