The DIH Reference contains information about the actions and configuration parameters that you can use in DIH.


The Contents tab lists the files that you can view. These are split into the following sections:

Actions Describes the actions you can send to DIH. Actions allow you to query DIH and to instruct it to perform a variety of operations.
Configuration Parameters Describes the parameters that determine how the DIH operates. Configuration parameters are set in the DIH configuration file.
Index Actions Describes the index actions you send to DIH. Index actions allow you to index content into IDOL Server and to administer IDOL Server's Data index.
Service Actions Describes service actions. Service actions allow you to return data about the DIH service and to control DIH.


The Index tab lists all configuration parameters, actions, index actions, and service actions in alphabetical order. You can use this to find a particular item.


To open a file in the Reference, click the title in the Contents, Index, or use the search box to search for items. You can also click links in the files, to view related topics.

You can use the forward and back icons  to view the next and previous topic in the current section.

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