Set DistributeByFields to true to index data based on the value of a specified field in the documents being indexed or in which the field is replaced.

This option is similar to reference-based indexing, except that you configure the fields to extract from the document to determine which child server to send the document to. This option applies to DREADD, DREADDDATA and DREREPLACE index actions. You configure the field to use with the DistributeByFieldsCSVs configuration parameter.

If enabled, the DIH is restricted so that you cannot alter the number of child servers.

Note: If you have set DistributeByFields to true, the Redistribute parameter does not have an affect. In DistributeByFields mode, DIH must consistently distribute documents according to the field, and so cannot redistribute to other available servers.

Type: Boolean
Default: False
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: DistributeByFields=true
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