Set DistributeByDate to true if you want DIH to index data based on document date. Each document in a DREADD and DREADDDATA action is indexed by its #DREDATE field, or another DateType field configured in the Field Processing section. Each replace in a DREREPLACE action is indexed based on its #DREDATE line if it exists, or else sent to all child servers. Other actions are sent to all child servers. If enabled, the DIH is restricted so that you cannot alter the number of child servers.

Use the [DateRangeN] subsection of the [DistributionIDOLServers] section to configure the date ranges for child servers.

For both DIH standalone and unified configuration, DateFormatCSVs must be configured in the [Server] section for date-based indexing to work.

Type: Boolean
Default: False
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: DistributeByDate=true
See Also:

DateRangeN Configuration


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