A comma-separated list of index actions that the indexing components must ignore. For example, you can use this configuration parameter to stop indexing components from forwarding or processing a DREINITIAL index action. These index actions are rejected as NOT AUTHORIZED.

You can use this parameter in a standalone DIH or IndexTasks configuration file to prevent the DIH or IndexTasks component from forwarding the index action to child Content servers.

Note: In a unified IDOL configuration file, this setting affects any configured indexing component (including the Content component).

For a unified distributed IDOL configuration file (that configures DIH and DAH), the child servers have their own configuration files, and this setting does not affect them unless you also configure it in the child server configuration files.

Type: String
Required: No
Configuration Section: IndexServer
Example: DisallowedIndexCommands=DREINITIAL,DRECOMPACT
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