Set to true to disable the child server specified by the ID parameter.

When a child server is disabled, the DIH continues to assign documents to it, and queue up index actions, but it does not attempt to send them until the child server is enabled again. This behavior is identical to when the DIH has lost contact with one of its child servers.

You can enable a child server by sending another EngineManagement action, with the Disabled parameter set to false.

Setting Disabled to true for a child server allows you to take it offline for maintenance.

Note: By default, when you add a child server by setting EngineAction to add, the DIH pings the specified Host and Port and the add action fails if the child server is not running. You can set Disabled to true to skip this step and add the child server in the disabled (offline) state.

Actions: EngineManagement
Type: Boolean
Example: Disabled=true
See Also: ID

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