Run the Distributed Action Handler in Non-Mirror Mode

In non-mirror mode, the IDOL Servers that the DAH distributes ACI actions to are different (that is, each IDOL Server is configured differently and contains different data). If you run the DAH in non-mirror mode, you must set up virtual databases, which can be of the following types:

Virtual databases can map to IDOL Server databases or to other VDBs that you set up for the DAH.


When you implement a non-mirror mode architecture in which VDBs map to other VDBs, set up combinator VDBs to map only to other VDBs. Distributor virtual databases normally map directly to the databases on the servers. (That is, the combinator VDB combines results from distributor VDBs; a distributor VDB must not distribute queries to combinator VDBs.)

For details of the actions that the DAH can distribute in non-mirror mode, refer to the Distributed Action Handler Reference.