Distribute the QueueInfo Action

After you configure asynchronous actions, you can use the QueueInfo action to check the status of the action queue or a specific action, and manage the action queue.

To check a specific action, send the QueueInfo action with the asynchronous action token returned by the child server. DAH uses the host and port information in the token to send the action to the correct child server.

By default, DAH retrieves this information from the child servers at startup to match the value in the token to its child server configuration.

If DAH cannot retrieve this information, it uses the HostPortAlias configuration parameter to apply the child server configuration options to the QueueInfo action. DAH matches the HostPortAlias information to the child server configuration. For example, using the HostPortAlias configuration allows DAH to apply the appropriate SSL settings for the child server.

Find the Alias for a Child Server

If DAH cannot retrieve host and port information from its child servers for any reason, it uses the configured value of HostPortAlias to match tokens to its child servers.

The host and port that you specify for a child server in the HostPortAlias parameter must exactly match the host and port information in the asynchronous action tokens. This value does not necessarily match the Host and Port configuration parameters. For example, you might set Host to the computer name, and the token might return an IP address.

Use HostPortAlias

You can apply a host and port alias: