The databases to map the virtual database to. The databases you specify can be IDOL server databases or other virtual databases that you have set up in the Distributed Action Handler.


You cannot configure virtual databases when you set SimpleCombinatorMode to True.

Separate multiple databases with commas. There must be no space before or after a comma.

To specify an IDOL server database

To specify a HPE Distributed Action Handler virtual database


You must ensure the [VDBN] section to which you map the virtual database has a lower number than the current [VDBN] section. That is, the virtual database in [VDB2] can map to the virtual database in [VDB1], but it is not possible for the virtual database in [VDB1] to map to the virtual database in [VDB2]. This ensures that virtual database mappings are not circular.

Type: String
Required: Yes
Configuration Section: VDBN
Example: MapsTo=0:Today,2:News,Accounts
In this example, the virtual database is mapped to the Today database in IDOL Server 0, the News database in IDOL Server 2, and the Accounts virtual database.
See Also: DbName