Set MirrorMode to True if the IDOL servers that the DAH communicates with are identical (that is if the IDOL servers are configured identically and contain identical data). In this configuration, you have multiple identical child servers for load balancing or failover. In mirror mode, DAH can distribute any actions to its child servers.

Set MirrorMode to False if you are distributing to non-identical instances of child servers. In non-mirror mode, DAH distributes actions to all its child servers, and merges the results. In this case, you can distribute only some of IDOL Server actions; for the complete list, see, IDOL Server Actions.

For more information about whether to run your server in mirror mode or non-mirror mode, refer to the DAH Administration Guide.

Type: Boolean
Default: True
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: MirrorMode=false
See Also: VirtualDatabases