The maximum number of servers mapped to by a virtual database (VDB) that the HPE Distributed Action Handler queries before returning a (possibly null) result.

This option is used for distributor VDBs that map to servers running in non-mirror mode, and applies to all of them. If the first server queried does not return a result, the HPE Distributed Action Handler sends the query to the next server.

MaxVDBEngines gives the user greater control in the time spent servicing a query than that given by EngineMaxRetries or EngineTimeout, and is potentially useful if a VDB maps to many servers. If not set, then all servers mapped to by the VDB might be queried before results are returned.

Type: Long
Default: 5
Allowed Range: Minimum: 1
Maximum: 1024
Recommended Range: Minimum: 2
Maximum: 5
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server
Example: MaxVDBEngines=3
See Also: EngineMaxRetries