The priority of child servers when results are combined in the HPE Distributed Action Handler. 1 is the highest priority and 5 is the lowest.


Child server priority is used only when the Combine action parameter is specified in the query. In this case, when DAH combines multiple results from different child servers, it returns the result from the child server with the highest priority.

If you create a server group by specifying a comma-separated list of host names in the Host parameter, you can use a single value for Priority so that all child servers in the group use the same priority. Alternatively, you can use a comma-separated list to give each mirrored child server a different priority. In this case, there must be the same number of values in Priority as there are for Host.

Type: Integer
Default: 4
Allowed Range: Minimum: 1
Maximum: 5
Required: No
Configuration Section: IDOLServerN or DistributedEngineN or DAHEngineN
Example: Priority=3
See Also: Host