IDOL Server Actions

If you are running the DAH in mirror mode, it can distribute all IDOL server actions to its child IDOL servers. If you are running it in non-mirror mode, it can only support the following actions:

DetectLanguage Query
DocumentStats Suggest
GetContent SuggestOnText
GetQueryTagValues Summarize
GetTagNames TermExpand
GetTagValues TermGetBest
Highlight TermGetInfo

For the LanguageSettings action, when the child servers have compatible language configurations, DAH returns the child server response, except for the LanguageDirectory configuration. The child server language configuration must be the same for all child servers, except for LanguageDirectory. If the child server configuration is not compatible, DAH returns the message Engines returned inconsistent information.

For details about IDOL Server actions, refer to the IDOL Server Online Help.


In non-mirror mode, you cannot use IDOL server action parameters that contain IDs of documents. Use document reference instead. In addition, the following action parameters are not supported: