About the Distributed Action Handler

The HPE Distributed Action Handler (DAH) is a server that distributes ACI actions to HPE IDOL Servers. Distribution enables you to scale your system in a linear manner, increasing the speed at which it runs actions and saving processing time. Having multiple IDOL Servers also ensures uninterrupted service if any IDOL Server fails.

The setup of your IDOL Servers is independent of the DAH, because they are architecturally unaware of it.

You can run the DAH in the following modes:


Virtual databases can map to IDOL Server databases or to other virtual databases that you set up for the DAH.

However, in general, HPE recommends that combinator virtual databases map only to other virtual databases (combinator VDBs combine results from distributor VDBs). Distributor databases normally map directly to the IDOL Server databases. HPE recommends that you do not use them to distribute queries to combinator VDBs.