Distributed Action Handler Error Codes

In addition to the standard HTTP error codes, the DAH returns the following DAH error codes. For more details of these errors, look at your DAH log files.

2147437725 SecurityInfo String Has Expired
2147437726 Datastore Error
2147437727 Token Not Found
2147437728 Configuration Error
2147437741 Bad Query Parameter
2147437742 Conflicting Parameters
2147437743 Unsupported Parameter
2147437744 Missing Parameter
2147437759 ACI Connection Error
2147437760 ACI Error
2147437774 An Engine Is Down While State Changing Action Restriction
2147437775 At Least One Engine Returned Error
2147437776 Abridged Query Error
2147437791 Category Move or Rename Disabled
2147437792 State Changing Action Queue Full
2147437806 No Results
2147437807 All Engines Returned Error
2147437808 No Engines Available
2147437823 All VDBs Are Offline
2147437824 VDB Error
2147441868 Missing Required Parameter
2147483362 XML Parsing Error
2147483364 File Not Found
2147483371 Library Interface Error
2147483372 Library Loading Error
2147483374 Invalid Output
2147483377 Operation Failed
2147483381 Internal Error
2147483385 Assertion Failure
2147483386 Bad Parameter Value
2147483389 Not Implemented
2147483390 Memory Error
2147483391 Bad Parameter